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Hannad Rehman

Lead Engineer @ HackerRank

About Me

I work at HackeRrank as a Lead Software Engineer. I'm a lifelong learner and believe in the power of collaboration and open-source projects. As an avid coder, I enjoy exploring new technologies, tinkering with code, and building practical solutions to real-world challenges.

My primary focus areas include:

  • Web Development: Crafting interactive and user-friendly web applications using cutting-edge technologies such as React, Angular, and Node.js.
  • Machine Learning: Exploring the fascinating world of AI and ML, developing models for various tasks, and finding innovative ways to leverage data.
  • Open Source Contributions: Contributing back to the community and being a part of open-source projects that make a difference. Software Engineering: Applying best practices to build robust, scalable, and maintainable software. Featured Repositories

I am from the enchanting region of Kashmir valley.

My journey in the realm of software engineering spans over 8 years, during which I've honed my skills and expertise in crafting innovative solutions. Passion fuels my work, and my areas of expertise extend to the intricate world of Technology, where I find joy in exploring the nuances of JavaScript, ReactJS, TypeScript, and all things Web-related. Embracing the ethos of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, I am an advocate for the open-source community, contributing to and benefiting from the wealth of collective wisdom.

Beyond the screen and lines of code, I am equally passionate about life's simple pleasures. In my downtime, you'll find me immersed in the soul-stirring melodies of music, a personal escape that rejuvenates my creativity. However, my most cherished moments are spent in the company of my four-legged companions, my dogs. Their playful antics bring a delightful balance to the intensity of my professional pursuits.













Apr 2023 - Present

Lead Engineer

Leading the Interview team at Hackerrank, I orchestrate the evaluation process for the coding virtuosos of tomorrow. My role involves navigating the intricate dance of algorithmic problem-solving, guiding candidates through the symphony of well-structured logic and innovative solutions. it's too soon to reveal all the behind-the-scenes magic. Stay tuned for more

Jun 2018 - Apr 2023

Technical Lead

Led the team of 10 frontend developers, overseeing the development of an entire web infrastructure with Monorepo architecture using Docker, Javascript, Nodejs, and Reactjs. Implemented a robust CI/ CD pipeline for building and deploying Docker images on an AWS ECS cluster. Enhanced system monitoring with tools like New Relic and Sentry, ensuring end - to - end visibility and effective bug reporting. Played a key role in all phases of scrum, from requirements analysis and architecture design to development, testing, and deployment. Provided mentorship to interns and junior developers, fostering skill development in web application development. Successfully crafted a customer service dashboard, resulting in a 30 % increase in customer satisfaction and a 40 % reduction in ticket resolution time. Rebuilt the CRM from scratch in ReactJs, significantly improving application load time from 15 seconds to 4 seconds. Designed and implemented a high - performing Healthifyme server - side rendered landing website using Remix-run and MongoDB, with a config - driven approach for easy modifications by the marketing team.Applications include Connect(CRM), Payments Infra, HealthifymePro, HealthifyStudio, HealthifySense, HealthifyPlus, and Vaccinateme.com.

Nov 2015 - May 2018

Sr System Engineer

Led ed tech projects, employing JavaScript, ReactJs, Redux, HTML, and CSS on the client side. Developed a UI library in TypeScript and ReactJs, following design specs. Mentored a team in TypeScript/Javascript, ReactJS, UI/UX design, and NodeJs. Collaborated with the executive team to define business requirements and system goals. Provided technical expertise, resolved issues, and proposed solutions for system design and performance enhancement.

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