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Monorepo at Healthifyme

A monorepo is a code repository that holds multiple applications. These applications can be related or completely independent. It also allows us to share code among these application without using any kind of package manager. It should be noted that a monorepo is not a monolith. A monolith is huge amount of coupled code of a single application in a single repository.

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How to integrate Instagram/Snapchat style stories into your ReactJs application

Stories style material has become the most popular way of consuming media on social media. Most prominent platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube, offer stories. As a result, it is only natural that everyone uses the same format of media consumption.

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Top Neovim plugins for developers in 2022

Neovim is blazing fast command line text editor for developers. It is one of the best code editor because of its speed, ease of customization and low CPU/RAM usage. Here are the top plugins for your Neovim.

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How to Dockerize a Remix App

Dockerizing remix apps is crucial for production environments as it takes away the burden of setting up a runtime environment for your app. Docker containers are predictable, consistent, and isolated in nature which makes it possible for them to run anywhere.

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